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    Great News!

    We are now a Minelab dealer.  We received the official email this morning.  This is huge news for us.

    We will be putting in our first order for Minelab detectors and accessories very soon.  Email us with your needs and we will be happy to add it to the order.  Here is your chance to buy high performance metal detectors like the Equinox 800, and get our top notch customer service you are used to receiving from us. Equinox 800

    You can buy from:


    Products and prices will be going up on both of our websites this week, so get a hold of us now and order what you need.  We are now a Minelab dealer and we want your business!  We are serious about your success.

    Minelab Metal Detectors


    Minelab Detectors have a reputation for making the high performance treasure hunting and gold prospecting equipment you need to succeed.  Whether you are a seasoned treasure hunter, a gold prospector, park hunter, or just a beginner, we have the right detector for the job.  We carry all the top brands, and we are now a Minelab dealer as well.  Let us help you find the right detector.