Do you want to find more of that really deep treasure

XP has now enhanced the capabilities of the highly versatile DEUS II, with the XTREME HUNTER, and it’s the ultimate accessory to expand your detecting possibilities.  XP has now set new standards in the world of deep seeking metal detectors.  Do you want to find more of the really deep treasure?  Then you need to take a good look at the new XP Xtrem metal detector.

What it can do

The XTREM HUNTER not only surpasses the competition with its advanced simultaneous multiple frequency platform (FMF®), but it also delivers unmatched performance and stability through its unique ability to limit ground effects.


Amazing depth detection with Info

Whether you’re a Treasure Hunter, Cache Hunter, construction professional, archaeologist, industrial worker, or a passionate individual seeking a reliable and robust tool to locate deep and large targets, the XTREM HUNTER will be your ultimate companion for uncovering targets such as, large relics and various underground objects including treasure chests, buried caches, hidden weapons, underground tanks, and metal pipes.

Weighs less than the others

The Xtreme Hunter weighs less and gives you much more information than those old, bulky two box detectors of the past.  It is built to last and comes with a five year warranty.  XP has clearly hit a home run with this one.  Hunting for caches?  Look no further because the Xtreme hunter will find them all.  Having personally used the Gemini and the TM 808 two box detectors, this detector seriously amazes us and far exceeds the old limitations.  Deep treasures are no longer safe with the new Xtreme Hunter by XP. 


Here are two videos about the Xtreme hunter:

The Xtreme Hunter comes in 3 different configurations to fit your needs and budget. You can buy just the coils, or a complete detector with control box.  We are expecting them to arrive any day, and they are going to go fast.   Don’t miss out on this major piece of treasure hunting gear.

Pre order yours today!